Aimed at increasing your site’s functionality. Elements include design considerations, appearance, readability, search engine compatibility, general needs.

First hour free

Subsequent time  $30 per hour

Content Creation

Original and unique content and blog posts drafted specifically for engaging and informing your site’s visitors while improving search engine results. Average post length is 200-250 words (100 words minimum)

Single Post     $.50 per word.

Monthly Post $.35 per word (6 month minimum)

Weekly Post$.40 per word (3 month minimum)

Website Copy

Concise, search-friendly copy to engage your site's visitors and keep them reading and clicking on your site, not someone else's. 

$35 per hour

Copy Editing

A thorough edit of your site, or pages of it, for grammar, syntax, spelling, consistency and readability.

Light  $30-$35 per hour

Medium (includes some rewriting)   $40-$45 per hour

Heavy (includes in-depth rewriting) $50-$55 per hour


The identification of errors in spelling, grammar, word choice, inconsistencies, rotten links and others, without the corrections or rewriting included with editing services.

Light $25-$30 per hour

Heavy $35-$40 per hour


*Before starting any job, I will always make sure we agree on what work I will do, how long I estimate is needed, and how much I will charge for it. In some situations, different rates can be negotiated.