I find this little bit of dialogue brilliant.

On the back porch, Grandpa settled into his rocker, lit a filterless Camel and turned on the radio. Porter Wagoner sang “Company’s Comin’.” I snatched the latest edition of Sports Afield magazine.

“Says here it’s a perfect day for fishin’!” I exclaimed.

“The day’s half over, Lucas,” he replied, calling me by my dad’s name.

“Tomorrow looks good, too.”

“Aye, aye, Cap’n,” he said, drawing hard on the cigarette.


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10,000 words of this is makes a long read a really long read.

While their father spent millions on drug binges and extravagances, the children lived like terrified prisoners, kept at bay by a revolving door of some four dozen nannies and caregivers, underfed, undereducated, scarcely noticed except as objects of wrath.

Dad was absorbed in his own world. Sometimes it was a far-off place in his mind, but other times he'd disappear, either into his stinking bedroom; to auctions to bid on collectible guns and other trinkets; and to farther locales, as when one night he announced, "I'm going for Thai food," then called days later – from Thailand.

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The new Taos Cow website is up. Nothing fancy, just a basic, quick loading site that tells you what you need to know about one of the great ice cream shops in the U.S.


Annie at the TCA

Annie at the TCA

Most people know Taos attracts talented people; it always has. Today, visual artists, filmmakers, actors and writers are drawn to Taos for the same reasons artists and writers were drawn here over a hundred years ago. What many people may not think about is how many talented people are bred here. You can see a number of the younger ones at the stage production of the musical Annie, which premieres at the TCA on Thursday, November 7th.

Design Advice for a Friday

Everyone with a website should have a basic understanding of design. You don't have to be an expert, but it helps to know what to ask for and know if you got it. Writing and design go hand-in-hand.

A quick graphic design glossary

Working with a graphic designer is the best way to make sure your website or printed materials look professional. But sometimes it seems like your designer speaks a completely different language. Bridge that communication gap with this quick glossary.

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Death Road

Death Road

I so want to go to this place. It says 200 to 300 people die on this road (or in the canyon below) every year. I wonder how many of them are cyclists. It can't be any more dangerous than riding a bike in Taos. 

Advice for a Tuesday--and Every Day

I spoke with someone yesterday who called his web person to remind her she hadn't made an update he had asked for weeks earlier. She charged him for reminding her.  She wants him to pay her for not doing her job.

From Valediction to Conviction? An Honor-Rollers Tragic Demise

From Valediction to Conviction? An Honor-Rollers Tragic Demise

In high school she maintained a 4.0 GPA. She took every honors and AP course offered and earned college credit online. She lettered all four years on the math team. She joined the moot court, the model U.N. and the Young Librarians. She was, as her classmates not so affectionately called her, “an activity club whore.”