Back home in Taos after 10 great days in California. Worth every day I'll spend in debtor's prison.

Some highlights: 

  1. Surfed Bird Rock with Loco Tomás. 
  2. Caught waves with Angie and Victor at Shores.  
  3. Ate killer Peruvian ceviche in San Francisco. 
  4. Paddled kayaks in and out of the harbors of Sausalito with my kids.
  5. Witnessed my cousin get married. 
  6. Danced with my beautiful wife.
  7. Cruised San Francisco Bay in a 48' yacht, Angie at the helm.
  8. Stood at the foot of El Capitan in Yosemite.
  9. Plunged 5,000 feet to the floor of Death Valley.
  10. Heard Angie say "Hubba wah?"  on seeing the Vegas Strip at night.
  11. Saw a full moon and a fantastic New Mexico lightning show.