It's almost here--opening night. It feels likes it's been three months that they've been rehearsing tirelessly for this. Actually, it has been three months.

Here's something I wrote about Annie for Live Taos

Most people know Taos attracts talented people; it always has. Today, visual artists, filmmakers, actors and writers are drawn to Taos for the same reasons artists and writers were drawn here over a hundred years ago. What many people may not think about is how many talented people are bred here. You can see a number of the younger ones at the stage production of the musical Annie, which premieres at the TCA on Thursday, November 7th.
In 1977, I was fortunate enough to see Annie at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., just a few weeks before it moved to Broadway. I was young and without much theater experience, but I was aware enough to know that the character of Annie is an enormously difficult and demanding role. Not many thirteen-year-old girls had been asked to carry a big Broadway musical on their shoulders, as Andrea McArdle was when the show made its premiere in New York. McArdle became the youngest performer nominated for a Tony award for best lead actress (she lost to her Annie co-star, Dorothy Loudon).

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