One of my favorite stories from the defunct Crockett Valley Chronicle.

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Ever since she was in kindergarten, Emily Rachelson dreamed of going to M.I.T. Nearly every step she took, every life choice she made was to please the admissions department at the most prestigious technical college in the world. She began playing chess at the age of six. By the time she was eight she had earned a U.S.C.F. rating of 2100. By middle school she was taking apart and reassembling computers. For what she calls “old school creds,” she mastered C++ and bought an Amiga 500.
In high school she maintained a 4.0 GPA. She took every honors and AP course offered and earned college credit online. She lettered all four years on the math team. She joined the moot court, the model U.N. and the Young Librarians. She was, as her classmates not so affectionately called her, “an activity club whore.” 

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